Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Las Vegas and the Pumpkin Patch

I forgot to put this on the last post with her looking through the window. This is her standing outside house trying to look in! Silly Girl.

We planned a trip to go to St. George with Jeremy's family. I wanted to go down a day earlier and go into Vegas and go shopping at H & M. We woke up like a 3 AM so Cambree could sleep in the car seat the whole way down. We got there and went shopping at the the outlet mall's ate lunch then headed over the Mandalay Bay Aquarium. We had a lot of fun looking at all sorts of animals. Cambree wanted to hold the Alligator and she loved the Kamodo dragon's tongue.

She loved the big fish and sharks that would swim in right in front of her!

(I love my child's car seat hair, gross)

She loved the shark tunnel

and waved to all the sharks.

She loved to look at the paintings and statues at Cesar's Palace

She loved the lights on the strip at night and pointed at everything.

The Mirage, well let's just say

she won't be going back anytime soon, and my left ear is still ringing and my neck still has scratches on it from her crying and holding onto me so tight.

She loved the colored M&M's and loved to see the charter's walk around.

She loved the tank's at the Rainforest Cafe

She could watch the Lion's at MGM all day!

The next day we met Jer's family in St. George. The family went swimming, hiking, and had a great time. I on the other hand stayed in the hotel room and slept through the rest of the weekend. Life is not fun when all you want to do is throw up!

However, I did somehow manage to make it to the greatest show on earth! The Little Mermaid at Tuachan! I cried before the show even started! I can't believe how amazing the show was, I loved every second of it. They announced that Aladdin next year and I can't wait to go see that!

We picked up Dad from work on day and had a date at the pumpkin patch! Cambree was able to pick out her own pumpkin she had so much fun.

she pushed to wheel borrow around

Then caught a ride in it.

Then we went through the corn maze!

Later that night we got to carve them!

Yes, my child is helping carve with a real knife. Don't judge Jeremy was a good supervisor.

The finished product!

First hair cut, weekend getaway and things

Cambree's first hair cut was done at my mom's house by Jessica Gines!

Cambree held very still and read her books.

We were lucky enough to go to the Drage's cabin before it was sold later in the year.
We went up with the Bath's, Snarr's, and the Spencer's. On the way up to Heber we had to stop off at the famous trees. It was 4 years to the date that Jeremy had purposed.

Then he headed over the "boys" tree.

We had a fun time at the Cabin. I don't know why my camera never made it out of the bag the rest of the weekend, but needless to say there was much laughter. We played games, the girls did crafts, the boys went biking and we were well fed! Thanks guys can't wait for next years trip. The whole weekend everyone was teasing me that I was pregnant and I kept telling everyone they were CRAZY! But, the next day I took a test and it told me I was the crazy one and everyone else was right!

Cambree LOVES to play with her Daddy, they could tease each other all day long! They laugh, chase each other, and just have so much fun. I'm sure Cambree wishes that Dad would stay home with her and Mom would go to work.

Cambree telling Dad a story.

I am so LUCKY! These two are the loves of my life!

Go UTES! Cambree got a Utah cheerleading outfit this year and she looks so stinkin' cute in it!

Things Cambree is in to right now.

She loves fishes, she could look at her little aquarium all day.

She also loves to stand and look outside at everything that is going on.

I would like to apologize to Cambree for the next couple months of her life are not so documented. This is when I get sick and don't want to do anything except sleep. We had a lot of pajama day's and a lot of doing nothing! We are very excited about the 2nd baby and can't wait to meet it on May 5, 2012. I'm happy that Cambree will have a sibling close to her age (exactly 2 years apart!).

Family Reunion and duck feeding.

It was time again for Jeremy's family reunion in Lehi.

Cambree pushed Luke in the airplane swing. and went to town on a piece of Corn.

A big storm come in and since this is an outdoor party we left early. I made some yummy chocolate and caramel covered pretzels. YUMMY!

We went and fed the ducks one afternoon.

Cambree's philosophy was one for the ducks, two for me!

"Quack, Quack"

She was mesmerized!

Hiking and Art projects

In August we went Hiking with Dan and Miranda's family up to Doughnut falls. I have never been there before and it was a nice hike to a beautiful waterfall. I can't wait to do it again.

Miranda and I were almost ran over by this Moose!

Of course you have to eat powdered doughnuts while hiking doughnut falls, She loved it!
Dan and Miranda helping their kids cross the falls.

We made it! (yes, Cambree is still eating doughnuts). Don't judge me it kept her happy.

Since I had never been there before, I wanted to go climb up the falls. Miranda kept Cambree for us so we could go be 12 year olds and go exploring.

I want to start doing art projects with Cam girl. so any fun projects you have out there, let me know about them. I took shaving cream and put it in a bag then I put red food coloring on one side and blue on the other and she smashed it until the two colors made purple!

She loves to look at the horses.

Cambree is such a big girl these days and I'm sad to see that she wants to be so independent and do things on her own. I guess I can't hold and help her forever.

Love you Cambree thanks for teaching me so many new things!